Sometimes we get intimidated by the tags ‘shot’ directly at us. Tags based on our natural selves and maybe abilities, personalities, name them! Either way, one thing we can’t do is talk ourselves out of their pre-conceived ideas about us in general. How we (sometimes) wish they’d care to understand and not just think of their perceptions of us as a force to reckon with. If only someone would try enlightening them and just whisper to each one of them, “the fact that you don’t understand something, criticizing it is never the ultimate solution”.
If only for a little while…


​A seasonal end 

It’s like falling into an endless ravine of nothingness with sharp thorns cutting and bruising soul.
It’s like being able to feel but can’t quite remember that feeling. If anything, the heart becomes devoid of all sorts of feelings. Then the silence becomes the perfect alternative, but yet again to some it’s flawed. If silence becomes flawed, then solitude is sought… And nah, I ain’t talking about loneliness… I’m talking of solitude. It became the perfect sought option. Was a dark period where everything had been set ablaze. Every tied knot got to be detached by the bitterness. Was a period of bleeding, hurting… name them …t’was an excruciating pain one can never have imagined. It felt like I couldn’t piece my life back together and Like ending it was the only way out…